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200-hour Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive training will provide you the opportunity to become a skilled yoga teacher and create a more healthy and yogic way of life. The classes are held on Thursday nights from 6:00pm-9:00pm for 35 weeks from September to May. In addition to these classes, participants are required to attend additional yoga classes each week to enhance and strengthen their personal yoga practice. You are required to purchase a 10 or 20-class punch cards through CIM. Four full-day Reiki trainings and a two-day concluding intensive are included in the experience.


Our next 200-hour program will begin in September 2019 and end in May 2020.   Please email or call 410-706-6179 for more information.


• Dialogue and hands-on training to assist, teach and provide modifications for 40+ asanas
• Five pranayama techniques
• Basic Anatomy and Physiology
• Introduction to Patanjali’s 8 fold path and the Seven Chakras
• Balancing The Ida & Pingala Nadis
• Principles of sequencing
• Use of touch and voice as a teaching tool
• Use of toning, reiki and guided imagery as a teaching tool


UMB Students and Healing Pathways Graduates  


UMMS/UMB Faculty and Staff  


Public (non-UMMS/UMB)  



• $500 Non-refundable deposit must be made upon acceptance.
• Payment plans available up to January 1st. Training Payments MUST be paid off then.
• Payments made by Credit Card or Check. We cannot take monthly checks from a bank.

*Additional fees for required texts
**Optional Reiki Master Training - Fee is $50 (Decision to participate after Advanced Reiki training)
***Healing Pathways graduates and UMMS/UMB students, faculty and staff will have priority for the available spots.


Several locations in the Baltimore area.  Please email for specifics.


Applications will be emailed out starting May 1, 2019.  Email Christine Barnabic at to be put on the mailing list to recieve an application.  We expect to fill up quickly, so get your application in early!  For additional questions, please email Christine.

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