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Our Programs

Our Programs image01We are proud of our highly rated, innovative educational programs.  Our programs are targeted to preclinical and clinical physicians-in-training, resident physicians, medical fellows and practicing healthcare professionals, including hospital-based nurses.   Our expert faculty members offer dynamic, evidence-informed integrative medicine and health education to the healthcare leaders of the future.  Programs include:


Integrative Health and Wellness Graduate Certificate

The Integrative Health and Wellness certificate is a unique, 12-credit graduate certificate program offered entirely online through the University of Maryland, Baltimore. This one-year certificate is designed to help advance participants’ careers in integrative health and wellness. In the four courses, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and experience the fundamental concepts, philosophies, and methods of integrative health, as well as integrative mind-body interventions, the fundamentals of health coaching, and how to apply their knowledge of integrative health and wellness to assessment and treatment planning. For more information, please see or contact the Program Director, Dr. Michelle Pearce, at

Applied Integrative Medicine Training for Health Professionals

The Center for Integrative Medicine has developed an evidence-based training program designed to give health care professionals not just the fundamentals of Integrative Medicine, but hands-on experience and real-life applications that can be immediately applied to their practice.  This year-long program consists of four live training sessions and weekly online coursework.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion and continuing education credits will be offered for many professions.  Ideal for physicians, nurses, physical/occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists/counselors and many others.  For more information, visit the webpage at or email us at or call 410-706-6179.  Discounts available.

‌Medical Students


In a groundbreaking advance for medical student nutrition education, all medical students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine will be participating in Culinary Medicine education as a component of the core curriculum. In this class, students evidence-based instruction in nutrition and popular diets, learn how to overcome common barriers to healthy eating, and cook together for experiential reinforcement of the lecture.  Read more about this program and watch a video here:


Fourth Year Medical Student Elective


Our 120-hour fourth year medical student elective consistently receives positive student evaluations. The four-credit course is available to students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and other U.S. accredited allopathic and osteopathic medical schools.  We offer the month-long course twice a year, usually in February and April.  Students learn an evidence-based, integrative approach to both patient care and self care with exposure to many integrative modalities including: meditation, guided imagery, nutritional supplementation, qigong, yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathy, manual medicine, and more. The didactic and experiential curriculum is presented within a health and wellness framework and students are encouraged to create and pursue a wellness self-care plan during the course. The use of a dynamic online platform enriches the face-to-face learning experience. The course fills up quickly and often has a waiting list so sign up early!”


Culinary Medicine


Culinary Medicine is a Popular New Part of the Core Medical School Curriculum


The Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) is proud to initiate and implement an evidence-based Culinary Medicine training session for medical students in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and II courses. UMSOM is one of the first medical institutions to offer Culinary Medicine in required curriculum to increase future physicians’ nutrition knowledge for self-care and patient care through this didactic and experiential class. Under the leadership of Dr. Chris D’Adamo and the Center for Integrative Medicine team, the Culinary Medicine medical student training is offered in collaboration with The Institute for Integrative Health and with support from Performance Foodservice. Read more at

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The Equine Assisted Psychotherapy class is a favorite of past elective students.

Independent Study Elective

For third or fourth year medical students whose schedules do not allow them to take the Senior Medical Student Elective an independent study Integrative Medicine elective is available.


We offer Integrative Medicine lectures, experiential seminars and wellness retreats to residents and faculty in varied departments, including family medicine, internal medicine and preventive medicine.   If you would like to request a wellness retreat for your department please email us at


Fellows at the University of Maryland Baltimore can access integrative medicine education in varied ways.  We offer didactic lectures and seminars to clinical UMMC departments, such as anesthesia pain management and the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.  In addition clinical Fellows have attended both our month-long and independent study integrative medicine electives.

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When participating in our programs, students, residents, and fellows are invited to experience benefits of integrative modalities first hand, such as qigong (pictured) and meditation.

International Students

A 2-week summer elective is available for international students of medicine, nursing, acupuncture, and other healthcare professions.  Click here for more information.

Community Physicians and Practitioners

A skill-based Integrative Medicine and Health program is being developed that will be targeted to busy community healthcare providers.  Students will learn evidence-informed integrative care and develop practical skills that they can implement immediately with their patients.  Completion of the course will take one year and will involve both online and in-person components.  Please email us if you’d like to be notified when the course opens.  Contact:

UMB Community

Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds

Our expert faculty offer Grand Rounds presentations to varied UMB Departments.  If your Department would like to hear an evidence-based expert talk on the integrative approach to your area of interest (for example ‘The Integrative Approach to Women’s Health’ or ‘An Evidence-Based Integrative Approach to Managing Post-Operative Pain’) please email us a request.  Contact:

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Our experienced faculty present lectures and workshops across the UMB campus, throughout the state and in national and international forums.