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Integrative Wellness at Maryland Proton Treatment Center

In January 2018, we began a unique collaboration with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) to provide Integrative Wellness to patients receiving proton therapy as part of their cancer care.  The purpose of our partnership is to support patients in a comprehensive and patient-centered way.  The Integrative Wellness program aims to treat the whole person by addressing the full range of physical, mental-emotional, and environmental influencers that affect health. MPTC wrote: "By reducing symptoms and empowering patients with the skills and know-how to live well, we can work toward improving quality of life and cancer outcomes."  We strongly agree!

Integrative Wellness is an approach to care that focuses on treating the whole person by addressing the full range of physical, emotional, psychological, and environmental influences that affect health. In addition to providing you with the most advanced form of radiation therapy available – pencil beam scanning proton therapy – the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) uses an integrative medicine approach to maximize your health and healing.

As a cancer patient, you will receive a personalized Integrative Wellness treatment plan during your initial consultation. The Integrative Wellness program at MPTC provides a wide array of integrative therapies aimed at reducing your symptoms and improving your quality of life and cancer outcomes, including:

Yoga Therapy/Physical Therapy
Our expert yoga/physical therapist will use modified movement techniques to help you manage your symptoms, increase your energy, improve your function and empower you with tools to support your self-care. Yoga has been shown to improve physical, mental, and social functioning, in addition to overall well-being¹. Both group and individual sessions are available.

Mind-Body Techniques
Meditation, guided imagery, breath work, progressive muscle scan, expressive arts and other relaxation techniques have been shown to improve pain, decrease anxiety, support healthy sleep and help manage stress. Both group and individual sessions are available.

Acupuncture can be effective at improving cancer fatigue,² and is commonly used to manage nausea and insomnia,3 as well as pain and related symptoms.⁴ The needles are tiny and acupuncture sessions are very relaxing!

Oncology Massage
Our massage therapist has expertise in oncology massage and can modify your massage to meet your particular needs.Massage can help decrease pain, fatigue and anxiety, while also improving sleep in cancer patients and their caregivers.5

Integrative Nutrition & Dietary Guidance
Scientific evidence has shown that managing inflammation, metabolic dysfunction and gene expression using cancer-focused nutrition may improve cancer survival. Our nutrition experts offer education and guidance to healthy eating plans targeted to individual needs.

Integrative Nurse Practitioner Support
Our integrative nurse practitioner uses cognitive behavioral techniques, positive psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and mind-body interventions to help manage pain, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and the stress associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

Self-Care Education Series
Our expert team will present a weekly series of cancer-focused wellness classes that are freely available to all cancer patients and their loved ones. You will learn effective and practical techniques for managing stress, decreasing anxiety, maximizing your nutrition and strategies to remain active to best support your recovery.

Self-Care Education Series Topics
• Caring for Your Head & Heart: Stress Management & Positive Coping
• Feeding Your Body: Integrative Nutrition
• Relaxing Your Body: Relaxation Response, Acupressure, Self-Massage
• Physical Activity and Cancer: Staying Active During Treatment

View the program flyer here: MPTC Flyer Dec 2018

Read about Oncology Massage from our Massage Therapist in this article.

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Beginning November 1, 2018, we have opened up our services to all patients receiving treatment through the Univeristy of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center and their families.  Call us at 410-369-5222 for details.


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