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Weekly Qigong Class

QIGONG session

Each month’s Qigong class will focus on one form, or be organized around one theme or subject. Each class will consist of three interrelated parts: ancient wisdom of week (Qigong as a lifestyle), dynamic Qigong (movement form) and integrative breathing-mind-body meditation (usually at the end). After Qigong warm-up, the dynamic forms may include three ways gathering Qi, Eight Pieces of Brocade, Six-Syllable Formula (Six-Healing Sounds), Five-Animal Play, Five-element Palm, Simplified Tai-Chi 24 form, Mind-body exercises for pain management, Stress Management w/ Qigong, Lowering Blood Pressure Qigong, Anti-depressant Qigong, Qigong for Longevity, Taiji Five-Element Qigong, and more.  

FAQ on Qigong  


University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute

Conference Center on the Terrace Level

2200 Kernan Drive

Baltimore, MD 21207



Wednesdays: 6:00pm - 6:45pm
Regular classes will resume January 31, 2018.


This group is sponsored by Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and was founded by Dr. Kevin Chen, a certified instructor of medical Qigong who co-edited the textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong.” (2010). Dr. Chen is now teaching in China, but we will continue practicing, learning, and sharing the wonderful Qigong exercises taught by Dr. Chen as well as other related Qigong. The classes will be led by two of Dr. Chen's former students, Eric Johnson (a Qigong and Tai Chi teacher with more than 30 years of experience) and Mike Corcoran, MD (a psychiatrist who has co-taught with Dr. Chen in the past).


$15 per class or $50 for 5 weeks.  Please visit our MeetUp page or ask the instructor in class for more information.


Connect with us at - join us for an open discussion and Q&A in this online community!