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Brianna Bedigian


Brianna BedigianPhone:  410-448-6361

Brianna Bedigian is a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Certified Hypnotist, Stress Management Consultant, and Master of Library and Information Sciences.

Brianna first found her way to Reiki as an avenue of healing when she was struggling from Chronic Fatigue. The practice shifted her, as it is known to do, and she began to share this remarkable healing tool with as many as she could. Since then she has introduced hundreds of students to Reiki. 

One of Brianna’s beliefs is that we all have the ability to heal, transform and evolve ourselves. This belief stems from the fact that she used Reiki, Yoga and Hypnosis to affect positive and lasting change in her own life. Through over 15 years of study and practice, in numerous healing modalities, Brianna realized that deep relaxation is a powerful healing tool. She invites you to experience Reiki because of its ability to promote feelings of deep relaxation, peace and calm.

Brianna owns Quiet Winds: Reiki School and Yoga Studio in Baltimore City

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As of September 1, 2017, our services will include only:

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